and soon it all stops: day 1

i’m starting a blog. i haven’t quite decided on what yet, but i figured if i want to have in writing key times in my life, this might be one of the best ways to do it.

one thing to note. actually two. first, i’ve done pretty good about my resolutions. usually, they end within the first 4.5 days of the new year. it’s day 21. and second, i’ll probably never capitalize.

i think the first thing i want to post is a poem i wrote for a creative writing class last semester. it was one of the class’ favs. another thing to note. i abbrev a lot.

That Playground

Playing. On the playground made of pebbles.

Pure rocks. Just rocks and trees.

Mother Earth. No man-made anything.

On this playground.

This playground made for hide and seek.

And freeze tag.

Imagination—at it’s finest.

Where kids could be kids.

I play on this playground every day.

Every day after lunch.

Every day in elementary school.

Me and girlfriends chase the boys around.

Then flee from the relentless teasing.

“That’s just a way they show they like you.”


Boys have cooties.

I love this playground.

The playground made of pebbles and trees.

And nothing.

Nothing was made of pebbles and trees.

And nothing.

Nothing was made for this playground.

And nothing can stop me.


Except for the boy.

Whose mom shares my birthday.

The boy who teases me everyday.

“That’s just a way he shows that he likes you.”


He makes fun of me because I’m different.

Not Christian.

I’m a Hindu girl.

The Only one.

I don’t understand. At all.

I feel as empty as this playground is.

Without it’s monkey bars and swing sets.

He’s as cold as the pebbles that make up the


I don’t run.

Or cry.

I stand. Confused. I’m different?

But I look like every other girl here.

Wearing my princess tshirt and jean shorts.

I’m like every other 1st grader

On that playground.


peace on earth all.


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