influential governance: day 4

it is absolutely amazing the power of one has. one thought one idea one world one people one life one idea one person.

two things happened today. 1. my good friend erika whitby won the student life president’s diversity award and 2. i got 5 new followers on twitter in the matter of 2 minutes.

let’s go backwards. it is crazy how one mention you get on twitter leads to 5 new followers. an individual has that much influence on your life and another life. one opinion leads to 10 other people feeling the same way you do. one mention on twitter leads to 5 new friends, that is 5 people one person influenced to hit that “follow” button and make that connection with me, someone they may or may not have had any interaction with me. one person. one opinion.

that same influence is why erika won the president’s diversity award. her actions led to positive influences in the community she encircles herself with. one good thing leads to an infinity of good things.

we each have this power. this power of one. and it is ridiculous to me to see young men and women take this power, influence, voice, and not use it constructively. if one individual like erika can take her voice and spread it to an entire institution, why can’t i? or you?

sorry to make this a semi-serious blog today. it’s been one of those days. but, i hope that each of us can embrace this gift we have each been given and use it to the best of our capabilities. i leave you all with this quote. until next time, peace on earth. [much love]

“Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good.”
-Minor Myers, Jr

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