and here’s to the strength, the backbone, the woman: day 5

i had a recent conversation with a fellow blogger about marriage, and my love of the south. i was born and raised underneath blue skies and rays of sun that reach all the way down to my toes. i speak slow and drink my sweet tea even slower. a southern girl is so unlike any girl anywhere else in the world. we are dependent mothers, daughters, wives, but independent women. there’s nothing wrong with staying home and baking cookies for your kid’s kindergarten class and throwing dinner parties for your husband’s coworkers. the southern girl acts with class and poise. she wears pearls and stands tall. she is polite and lives with manners and etiquette. this southern girl knows that a sweet smile will melt the heart of a true gentleman. she is daddy’s girl and mama’s angel. being southern means living tradition, history-a history so deep-rooted that it grows in her every day life. she walks with gentle steps, but with every step there is pride. pride in knowing where she came from.

now, i’m an indian southern girl. i live with 2 cultures, 2 heritages, 2 histories. an indian girl, too, is dependent yet independent. cultured. loving. proud. she bears the weight of providing values, culture, and love for her family. her husband is her god. and she would do anything for anyone. sacrifice-a word too commonly known amongst indian women. complaints are not found, “i do” has taken a permanent establishment in her vocabulary. and she is the happiest woman found.

and i am the happiest girl found in this world. peace on earth all.


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