stay in school kids: day 6

hey everyone. sorry it’s been about 5 billion years since i have blogged. school has been really getting in the way of my social life. it is super unfortunate. i love my major, and want to big things with it. but all it is, is reading. you have to be really good in reading if you’re gonna major in psych. because that is all you will be doing. anyways. on to more important things to discuss.

like staying in school. i work in the admissions office at uab. we get all sorts of phone calls every day. everything from what are the requirements to get in, to man, i didn’t get it? we also get a lot of non-traditional students wanting to come back to school, or at an older age, wanting to get a college degree. more power to those older students who are parents, grandparents, whatever wanting to make their lives better. i know i could never do it. it takes guts to be in classes with punk 18 year olds who think they’re the coolest thing to hit campus since we were founded in 1969 (they’re really not. let’s be real here. you can’t be that cool if you still gel your hair and call mom complaining about how hard college is).

staying in school gives you so many more opportunities than you would think. being in school is the cool thing to do. don’t listen to your friends on that one.

why am i writing a blog about staying in school? because i just got a phone call from an individual who did not get a high school education and wants to come to college. and it’s really hard. so stay in school. really.

this has been a public service announcement for the department of stay in school.

peace on earth yoooooooo.


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