no clever title: day 7

this is actually supposed to be day like 50 (not really, i exaggerate a lot. call me drama queen. please.) at this very moment, my chest feels really tight, and i feel like my heart has stopped beating. so i keep checking my pulse to make sure that i am still alive. i know. i’m crazy. it happens.

i guess the most interesting thing that has happened to me recently was in my psychology of marriage class yesterday. so our professor is an actual marriage counselor, and we are supposed to watch him counsel a couple in our class. first, can you imagine how awkward that would be? i know for sure that i would not like to be counseled on my relationship in front of a bunch of undergrads. ok, i lie. i’ve never had a problem with expressing my feelings to whoever will listen to me. i wear my heart on my sleeve. nbd. but, it still would be awk. for real.

well, anyways. our couple yesterday was a no-show. (cool, kids. fyi: always call ahead to let someone know that you will not be attending something that you previously committed yourself to. it’s just called good manners). so, our professor was like, “who wants to do a group session?” so i volunteered myself. and we pretty much just told the class our life stories. i felt like dr. jones focused on me a lot. i mean, i was okay with it. but i wasn’t sure why. the neat part of the whole experience was that i found out someone who i thought wasn’t like me at all, turned out to be the one i related most with.

we’re pretty much twins now you see. moral of the story is, is that you never know where you will make friends. it’s good to be open-minded and welcoming to whatever situation and experience you come across in your life. because, like i mentioned earlier, you never know when your pulse will stop. so check it regularly.

peace on earth and much love to all


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