we all have rights. not privileges. day 8.

hello readers! i have not blogged in about 27.341 years. sorry about that. i have very busy with school and everything else that goes on in my life. but, no need to fret. here i am! here is what i am doing at this very moment.

working the polls for usga run-off elections.

and here is my question: why don’t people care to vote?! and then you get the students who COMPLAIN about this university! it is your right to vote, not to complain. you had your choice to vote and make a difference on this campus. your privilege to complain was revoked when you didn’t vote. sucks doesn’t it? usga does a lot for this campus. we’re the reason that there is a fall break, that you can withdraw from classes later. we’re the reason that you can rent textbooks, and why the library is trying extended hours. we also provide midnight breakfast during finals. and you say this university isn’t doing anything?! where have you been?

get your head out of negativity avenue. get over the fact that you don’t go to auburn or alabama, and vote. make your voice heard. it’s not that hard. really.

right or privilege? good thing i have both. peace on earth yoooooooooo


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