day 9 what should be day fifty something

i’ve been neglecting my blogging for the past few months. and i want to rant a little bit. why is it that we are so caught up in this thing called life that we forget to do things that literally take 5 minutes to do. it doesn’t take me but a grand total of 30 minutes to write a post. however, i get so addicted to my twitter, which has lowered my addiction to facebook, that i seem to not care about the things that in my mind, i really do care about. a lot. the relationships that i’ve neglected, including the one with my blog, all arise from situations that are so easily remedied.

so my question is, what is a good addiction? i love social media, because it makes me think that i am not neglecting those relationships which i actually am. it reminds me of birthdays and anniversaries. it tells me what my friends form 5th grade are up to. who’s graduating when, and who they’re engaged to… this can’t be that terrible can it? or what about addiction to video games and computer games? haven’t they always said that it helps your hand/eye coordination. even something that seems like a good addiction, say exercising, can have negative consequences. obsessing over self-image… that’s not good either.

our brains function to become addicted to the craziest things (reference: “my strange addictions” on TLC–CRAZY CRAZY show) because of all of these neurotransmitter releases, and the more we do it, the more that is released, and it’s just this endless cycle…

like the rest of our lives. just one continuous cycle that we are all desperate to break. but what happens if we do? we’re shunned, neglected (this must really be my word of the day.), humiliated, and all these things…

is happiness worth this price? i want to be happy.

peace on earth y’all.


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