day 10: good company

hey y’all. i hope everyone had a good memorial day today. first, god bless this country. second, god bless the military men and women who are brave enough to shave their heads and cut their hair and wear clothes that probably make them sweat like there is no tomorrow and go and fight in wars and stuff for our freedom. third, god bless good company.

today, i spent my holiday like most amuricans the pool and cookin’ out. we literally spent about 5 hours at the pool today just hangin out with friends. and what i would like to say is, life would not be the same if i lived in a solitary, isolationist, lonely world. my friends mean more than the world to me. granted, not everyone there was someone who i would go running my deepest darkest secrets to, but to be around good company, just makes a person feel good.

the cool thing about today, was that it was a very hodge-podge group. kinda. okay, not really, we are all in the same social circle…but in a sense…we were. being around people who are just fun, happy people helps you forget all the bad things that are going on in your life. at least, it does for me. that’s for sure. positivity radiates…and with today being as beautiful as it was, it was just a really good day.

what makes it better is, is knowing that there are just some really awesome people in this world. go out and find them. especially if you have really lame friends. you know who you are.

count your blessings folks. and happy freakin memorial day.

stay patriotic. peace on earth.


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