day 11: rules rules rules

hey folks. me again. nishita. the writer of this blog. and i have a dilemma that may or may not plague girls across the country: when going on a date, should girls finish their meals or not. there are 2 sides to this argument. yes, finish your food, because it is rude to not finish because your date is paying for your meal. the other side is, no don’t finish your food. leave a little bit, because you don’t want your date to think you are a pig.

now, i usually don’t have a problem with finishing my food. i have pretty hectic days, and by the time dinner rolls around, i haven’t eaten much up until that point, thus making me really hungry at i eat. a lot. sometimes. but, that question always comes to my mind while sitting across from the nice gentleman who has offered to take me out that evening. he must think i am a pig, because i eat all my food.

this question is so difficult for me to answer, and i have never really gotten other opinions on this matter. i think what comes as most surprising, is that people don’t think i can eat like a monster because i’m so “little”. but boy, let me tell you. i can eat. i love food. a lot. and it’s probably not the most lady-like thing.

i have read some etiquette books, but haven’t exactly found a good answer. i suppose if you finish your food in a lady-like and classy manner, it is okay to finish you food. but also if it is a decent portion. there is never a need for any girl to finish a 5-course meal in one sitting with pretty large, American portions. i suppose this kind of is a good answer.

but, alas, i will continue to try to figure out the best answer to this question. if i find a good solution, i’ll be sure to post. but until then, peace to all my readers.


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