day 12: apples. yum.

hey all. hope everyone’s june is going swell. i’m blogging from no other place then memphis tn. home of elvis presley. the king of rock (do a hand jive) and roll. so i’m visiting the fam folk–a much needed break from birmingham. no matter how annoying my parents get…coming home is one of the most comforting feelings. and i mean this home in memphis. because i do consider home–my apartment in birmingham–my home. so i have two homes. (i hope that doesn’t come off as arrogant or anything). ANYWAYS.

i got a new iPad 2 today. i am so stoked. and i started using it immediately when i opened it. duh. who wouldn’t. i can’t wait to accessorize it with covers and sleeves and anything else that will protect it from the elements. i am such a mac addict. there is just something so wonderful about getting a new apple product. pure bliss? i’m not too sure how to describe it. those of you who who have been able to experience this feeling know exactly what i am talking about.

this brings me to my next point. i am taking a class on psychology of advertising. and i would just like to point out how magnificently well-played all apple commercials are. fun fact: songs that are used for mac products, generally tend to be seen on the top of the charts within the week they are aired. right? apple has such a dominant influence over the technology realm. and i love it. every minute of it. i’m a supporter–and have no qualms about it. goal in life: to see how much i can expand my apple collection. delicious.

until next time…peace on earth. to all.


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