lucky number 13

so this is post numero 13. (if i knew how to say “13” in spanish, i would. too bad i took latin in high school) anyways, i think that i will make the theme of this blog luck. is it really luck? or is it coincidence? or just destiny?

i am a constant victim of the following phrase: “i am so lucky to (fill in the blank)”. i say this statement probably on a regular basis. or i will say “omg you are so lucky (fill in the blank). but the more i think about it, the more i realize, that everything is supposed to happen for a reason (or so i believe), then how can we call it luck?

and then what really baffles me is that so many people agree (again, including myself) that things happen for a reason, and what is meant to be will be. we have all fallen under this safety net. is this really an excuse for our actions, and whether or not we do things? is our destiny changeable? and what we really consider “luck” isn’t that our destiny.

are we as humans, that irresponsible to claim our actions instead of just defaulting to the excuses that society has handed us on a silver platter. or do we just get “lucky”? i’m not lucky that i’ve been given the life i have. i am blessed. and that is a distinction the human race needs to understand. “count your blessings…” (don’t really know the rest of the saying…)

anyways, this post has been deep enough. hope y’all got your minds churnin’ though! until next time…peace to all, on this earth.


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