lucky number 13.2: post 14

per request from one of my readers, i was asked to expand on my post from yesterday. now, i don’t usually like to delve in topics more than once, but i figured that the topic of luck and creating your own destiny was one that i could expand on.

so yesterday, i talked about how i don’t think luck is real, that we create the situations and our actions are really what we are calling “luck”. i posed the question, do we create our own destiny? or is it pre-determined? or is it a little bit of both. and this is my opinion.

humans have been given the power of free will. we are able to choose what we eat, think, who we’re friends with, etc. why we do things is all a product of our free will. so technically, with this idea, we create our destiny. so, there is really no such thing as luck. what we consider “lucky” is just the outcomes of our free will. yes, those fruits of our efforts may come unexpected, but is that really being lucky? i am a huge believer in God helps those who help themselves. so, if we sincerely put in a strong effort for something we want, why wouldn’t God help us? and even if the outcome we get isn’t what we “wanted”, can it not be something that we may need?

so is our destiny pre-determined? maybe. maybe the opportunities that we happen to stumble upon are given to us. but, what we decide to do with those opportunities…that is us creating our destiny.

are there really scapegoats that we can blame our situations on? did we not actively make the decision to do every action, to think every thought? yeah, because of that free will. i’ve been guilty of this many a time. i’m not perfect.

but, coming to this realization is a huge step. i am where i am, because of my decisions. i am where i am, because these are outcomes of the efforts i may or may not have made. so can i blame that on being lucky or unlucky? nope. my thoughts, my actions, my decisions, my destiny.

peace on earth.


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