i am legend #15

a lot has happened to me these past several weeks. i realized that life really hits you. and when it does, dangit it hits hard. it’s really remarkable how just one week in a certain type of atmosphere can change the way you think about life all together. you realize that you weren’t living the way you had anticipated. i’ve realized that you can’t predict how your life will turn out. sure you can make timelines and goals and hope to progress towards these wants. but then so many things become distractions in your life, and you look back and you think, man i could have done so much better.

this is exactly what happened to me. the idea of “legend” came to mind. what does it mean to be a legend? do you have to be famous? discover the cure to cancer? have a number one selling record for multiple weeks? i’ve always wanted to be a “legend”. when i was little, i wanted to be known for something. to be great. to make my parents proud. but what does this mean?

i start my senior year of undergrad in two days. life really hit me when i started thinking about the gravity of the situation. no longer am i young kid, teenager. i need to start becoming a role model, start acting more like an adult. when i was young, i had these grandiose ideas of where i would be at this point in my life…on my way to med school, top of the class student, perfect in every way i imagined. i thought that i would for sure be known for something at this point in my life..if not my way to it.

i look back, and i think am i really leaving a mark on the lives of the people i’ve interacted with? in the places that i stepped foot in? are young people looking up to me? in good ways? for the right things? this is when i began to realize that i’ve strayed off the path that i had set for myself.

i want the next generation to know me for being great. a great person. a good person. i want to have touched at least one person’s life. to make one person smile. this is my goal in life. one quote that comes to mind is “go and watch movies, but live such a life that people want to make movies about you”. this is the kind of life i want to live.

taking the easy way out…we’ve all been there before at some point or other, but it’s the hard path that will actually allow us to be that “legend”. whatever your definition of legend may be, we should all strive to want to be a legend.

i’ll continue this topic next time. but for right now, i leave you with this, are you on your way to be a legend?

peace on earthh. to all. young and old.


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