you should be in control

Today, I want to share a story I learned in my Sanskrit class the other day. It really struck a cord with me, and coincidentally has been a theme I’ve been hearing more and more in my life for the past few months. It goes like this:

There was a father who asked an astrologer to read his young son’s palms to see what his future had in store. As the astrologer was looking at the young boy’s palms, he began to have looks of shock on his face. Worried, the father asked the astrologer what was wrong. Very cautiously, the astrologer said, “I do not understand. You are such an intelligent man, your son, however, will not be a knowledgeable man like you.” Very innocently the young boy asked the astrologer, “If I had the line for intelligence/knowledge, where would it be on my palm?” As soon as the astrologer pointed to where this missing line should be, the boy darted out of the room and ran into the kitchen, only to draw in the line for knowledge onto his own palm. He ran back into the room with his father and the astrologer and proudly declared, “Look. I now have the line. I will be as intelligent as my father.”

Our life is in our own hands. Yes, there are certain things which we couldn’t have controlled at birth, such as our parents. But, we can’t let other people dictate our every move, every thought, every opinion. I am responsible for my happiness and my own sadness. My life is in my hands.

These past several months I have been working on applications for grad school. In the beginning of the process, as I was writing and perfecting my personal statement, I asked for feedback from more people than I should. I got to a point where I became really stressed out, and I began questioning my capabilities as a student, and even wondered if I would be successful in grad school, when I can’t even write a personal statement. I happened to post a tweet on twitter, something along the lines of being stressed and asking too many opinions. My friend Ashley replied, “Remember, it’s a personal statement. Not a community statement.” That reply couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. And I took it further to apply to my own life. I am not a community project.

My life is in my hands. The question I have to ask myself is, do I have the courage to take control?

“My life didn’t please me, so I created my life.”  –Coco Chanel

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2 thoughts on “you should be in control

  1. celestialsilverbridge

    I absolutely love this post. I am in a point in my life where I am struggling because of my own issues and your post rings true to what I have begun to tell myself. Thank you for your insightful words of wisdom and sharing a wonderful story. Being a mother of course the first thing that came to mind while reading the story was my little man doing exactly the same. It brought a huge smile to my face. Thank you! Adina

    1. Nishita Post author

      adina- thank you for such sweet words! living life the way we intended to is such a hard task, but when realize it’s worth it, it becomes that much easier and better. i’ve learned that listening to myself is an important ingredient to true happiness. good luck on whatever journey you’re on, and i hope my future posts resonate with you as well! nishita


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