first out of town trip

So, we finally leave for our very first trip tomorrow morning, and I couldn’t be more excited! We will be traveling 6ish hours by car to Somnath, Veraval, and Div. Somnath is considered one of the many holy places in India, as it is home to the Somnath Temple.

Why is this significant? Because Somnath is the home of the very first Jyotirling (wiki link). A Jyotirling is a shrine for the Hindu god Shiva. There are only 12 in the entire country, and the pilgrimage to visit all 12 starts at Somnath. I’ve never been before, but I have heard only great and amazing things about this beautiful place.

Packing for this short trip was one of the most hectic things so far in my (basically) 2 months of being here. I have only one month left here in the Motherland, and I have so much more to report. This has seriously been one of the most gratifying experiences I’ve ever had in my life. To say that it was a learning experience is such an understatement. It has been a period of growth in all realms for me, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, etc. I can’t wait to reflect on my last day here. Of course, I will have a lengthy post on everything I am feeling and thinking and experiencing. Until then, I hope my last month here is just as exciting and fulfilling. We will be travelling for a majority of the last month, so I will try and blog and post pictures as much as I can in between.

Here’s to life y’all!


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