the best pep talk ever

Woah woah woah! It’s been 11 days since I last posted. Where the heck is time going? Can anyone else believe that the month of February will be over in just a few short 16 days? The year 2013 is seriously under way. How are your resolutions going so far? My list of things I want to accomplish is going okay. There’s always room for improvement, right?

I’m sure all of you have seen this video (the one right underneath this). If not, watch it. Right now.

This cool kid sums up everything in this 3 minute video. All I can think of is dang, I really wish I was that cool when I was his age.

In all seriousness though, this kid probably summed up everything life is about in his pep talk. Life takes effort and hard work. But, that doesn’t have to be boring. Life is fun. Get up and do something, and be awesome.

Everyone can be awesome. Even if you think you’re not awesome, you are. You have it in you. Man, that’s scary stuff. So, quit if you want. But when you quit, you’re giving up on yourself. And when you give up on yourself, you allow others to give up on you.

So, we’re 1.5 months down in the new year. We can think about all the time we wasted these past 43 days. Or, we can think about the time we won’t waste in the next 10.5 months of this year. That’s a whole lot of days to do a whole lot of awesome stuff.

Pull out your resolutions. Revamp, reenergize, renew. Tomorrow is a new day. And we have a lot of life to live still.

What will you create when you make the world awesome?


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