listen close

“The greatest tool you have is to listen.” Yogi Tea Inspiration

When was the last time you were really truly listened to? How important is it to truly be listened to on a regular basis? I wonder how significant it is to our personal and inner growth to really, truly be listened to. It is so easy to be heard, but so difficult to be listened to. Why is this?

The greatest tool you have is to listen. Think back to the last time your friend or whoever needed someone to talk to. What were you doing during that conversation? Were you on the computer? Driving? Painting your nails? Watching TV? Eating? I’m guilty of all of that. Very rarely do I sit somewhere with zero distractions and listen to someone as they speak to me on the phone. I know, this is something I have to work on.

I pride myself in being able to multitask like a queen, but there are definite downfalls to this when it involves another human being. It’s one thing to multitask at work or when you’re trying to tackle your to-do list. I really do think it’s an art. But, after reading this inspiration from my yogi tea today, I’m a little ashamed at how much I pride myself in this.

The greatest tool you have is to listen. We have been given two ears to use as a tool. They give us the power to connect to other individuals. They allow us to listen to the stories of another person; help us understand his or her point of view, and see the journey they are walking on this earth. All we have to do is listen.

I’m thinking back to times when I have truly been listened to, and how good it felt. I felt as though I was heard, appreciated. When we listen to someone else with our undivided attention, we give that person the joy of feeling appreciated. How amazing is that! When you experience that, that is a connection worth so much more than the endless minutes of scrolling through your Facebook feed. Seriously.

Living in the world that we do today, we don’t get many opportunities to really share a moment with someone else. We become driven by our personal needs and wants and ambitions. There is nothing wrong with that at all. We absolutely have to succeed. But, when we take five minutes every once in a while to have a decent conversation with someone, or just digest what someone said in class, or really listen to what’s going on around you, I think those are the moments that add to your success; a lot more so than just spending hours checking emails with your nose buried in your work.

Real and genuine connections. All we have to do is listen. If there is anything that I want to strive for, it’s creating those moments. And in the end, what’s going to count is how many incredible moments I’ve created for myself, not how many moments I’ve drowned myself in moments I’ll forget about the next day.

Take 10 minutes and call someone you haven’t talked to in a while, and listen to what’s going on in their life. They’ll probably notice the extra effort.



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