a happy story

I saw this picture on Facebook and the story behind it really touched my heart, and literally brought tears to my eyes.

This story is evidence of Eknath Easwaran‘s theory that people are inherently good. I really do truly believe that people aren’t born cruel. Just somewhere along the way they got influences in a negative direction. Everyone has the ability and power to be a positive individual in this universe.

Anyways, take a minute to read this story. Life is good y’all.

Taken from Aspberger Syndrome Awareness’s Facebook page:
In the small town of Braymer Missouri people were touched as they seen Courtney Cox and Kent Brown ride up to their proms grand march on scooters decorated with bright green and pink.. As they pulled up tears of joy was shed by the small community. Kent was a Senior that year and Courtney was a Braymer High School graduate from the year before. Kent was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome as a young child. Today he still enjoys the Power Rangers and riding scooters all around town. His senior year he had built up the courage and asked Courtney his crush all through Jr. High and high school to attend his senior prom with him. She right away said yes! Kent was so942361_387869307995542_343723899_n ecstatic when she said yes that he went around telling everyone he had seen. When the day for prom finally arrived Kent’s heart was full of flutters as he came to pick up Courtney with his brother so they could go to dinner before the grand march. Courtney came up with the perfect idea to have two scooters decorated to match their prom attire since that was one of Kent’s favorite things to do.. They took many of pictures for their family and friends then they were off to show the town their sweet rides as they passed by all the limousines and fancy cars on their scooters. When people realized what was happening they started clapping and cheering. That night not only did Courtney make Kent’s dream come true but he also gave her the best prom she could have ever asked for. That was memory that will forever be cherished by them and all their loved ones. This is a story that needed to be shared to everyone. It goes to show that no matter who you are and what disabilities you may have; dreams can always come true.


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