focus and concentration

I was sent this article a couple of weeks ago, and found it very interesting. It’s all about how to better focus and concentrate from the viewpoint of a lion tamer. Pretty interesting. I think all of us are stuck in a world that is in hyper drive, constantly. Our focus is literally in 40 different places. Take it from the multi-tasking queen. I can be on my computer, talking on the phone, listening to my parents tell me something from downstairs, and be doing 2 other tasks at the same time. Is this useful at times? Most, if you ask me. But, I do realize that the distractions from 20 different places can hinder me in every thing I am trying to accomplish.

The main point this article tries to drive is just committing to one thing, and working at it. It gives several examples that are so easy and relatable for that matter. Want to be healthier? Eat real food. Want to be an athlete? Awesome, start playing a sport. Every problem that we encounter has a super easy solution. But, unfortunately, we just like to make things 20x more difficult. I do at least. And to be honest, if you think back to why you never started going to the gym, it was just excuse after excuse after excuse. Putting it off, that’s an excuse. Saving it for later, that’s an excuse.

One of the things my mom always used to tell me, and still does, is if it’s important to you, then you’ll make time for it, regardless of how busy you may actually be. So true. If achieving different goals, accomplishing tasks, succeeding in life is that important to you, then just do it. This is to me as well. It’s all about making the first move.

My favorite line in the article is in the author’s closing, “Life isn’t a dress rehearsal. Whether you know it or not, you’re already in the ring. We all are. Most of the time, we sit quietly, gazing at the chair in front of us, silently debating about which leg is the most important.” He couldn’t have said it better. Life isn’t a dress rehearsal. We’re playing the part right now, right here. If we keep waiting around, or “practicing”, when are we ever going to get around to actually performing?

The saying “life is short” is something I’m sure 99.9% of us have heard at some point in our lives. And it’s true. Life is short. But it’s one thing to keep repeating that in your head, over and over again. Just go and do something! At the end of the day, whether you succeed or not, at least you went and acted. If anything, I’m sure you’ll get a good story out of it.

If you want to read the article, here it is:
A Simple Guide to Better Focus and Concentration: Lessons From a Lion Tamer


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