because y’all know I love gratitude

I know I’ve mentioned something about gratitude in several of my posts. I’ve posted a few daily encouragements that mention gratefulness. One of my favorite quotes by the most influential person in my life is “To be grateful is to be human.”

I want to pass on this video to you all about gratitude. Got 7 minutes? Go ahead, watch it now.

Did you watch it? I think it’s pretty amazing how something so simple (and free for that matter!) is the key to our happiness. This just further proves that all of this stuff we surround ourselves with doesn’t create a solution to our happiness. And, this is something that is even hard for me to fully act on most of the time. Doing all of the stuff that we love, hiking, shopping, reading, painting, whatever just makes life more fun. But does it really truly make us happy? Short term, maybe. But, we can’t keep living for short-term results, because then in the long-term, it can maybe cause unhappiness and dissatisfaction. It’s kind of like this. Why do we take vitamins and work out and even brush our teeth? Because we know that it’s good for us, and can prevent disease and  rotten teeth in the future. If we can take care of our physical self so that we can be healthy later on in life, why can’t we take care of our spiritual and mental self?

Something so simple, but so hard to do. Yeah, it means putting aside our ego for a little bit to let another individual, or thing, or whatever that you’re grateful for what they did for you; that because of them you succeeded in xyz. But, in the end, a little humility and gratitude does keep ourselves in check. And that’s not a bad thing, right?

So, go ahead. Tell someone thank you. And really truly mean it. Don’t say it out of an obligatory way like when someone holds the door open for you and you grudgingly thank them for that little task. Be grateful and be awesome!

Want to read the actual study? I haven’t gotten around to it, but definitely on my reading list. Here it is!


2 thoughts on “because y’all know I love gratitude

  1. Frederika Roberts

    This is brilliant! I’m grateful for many things and to many people in my life and it wasn’t until I started writing my book on happiness that I started doing some research and realised that gratitude is a big factor in other people’s happiness, too. I love your post and the video you’ve shared – it’s very powerful and confirms the importance of gratitude very powerfully! I’ve bookmarked the research article to read through properly, too. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Frederika Roberts

    Reblogged this on Frederika Roberts and commented:
    If you’ve ever attended one of my happiness talks, you’ll know how much I value gratitude as a major factor influencing overall happiness – what I call ‘fundamental happiness’; the happiness that goes beyond fleeting joy or pleasure.
    This is a great blog post referencing some very interesting research backing up how important gratitude is when it comes to being happy. The video is uplifting!
    So, who are you grateful to? What are you grateful for? Tell the people who matter, who have made a difference in your life, how grateful you are. It will make you happy – and them, too! 🙂


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