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daily encouragement: August 12

“In the face of rejection, you must learn to be courageous. It is important to believe in yourself. Be like the sun, which shines on serenely even though not all the heavenly bodies reflect back its light and even though some of its brilliance seems to radiate only into empty space. While those who reject your friendship may sometimes fade out of your life, the more you shine your light, the more brilliant your life will become.”
-Daisaku Ikeda


“His aim was not to acquire but to realise, to enlarge his consciousness by growing with and growing into his surroundings. He felt that truth is all-comprehensive, that there is no such thing as absolute isolation in existence, and the only way of attaining truth is through the interpenetration of our being into all objects. To realise this great harmony between man’s spirit and the spirit of the world was the endeavour of the forest-dwelling sages of ancient India.”
-Rabindranath Tagore

daily encouragement: june 07

“Faith and daily life, faith and work–these are not separate things. They are one and the same. To think of them as separate–that faith is faith, and work is work–is theoretical faith. Based on the recognition that work and faith are one and the same, we should put one hundred percent of our energy into our jobs and one hundred percent into our faith, too. When we resolve to do this, we enter the path of victory in life. Faith means to show irrefutable proof of victory amid the realities of society and in our own daily lives.”
Daisaku Ikeda

daily encouragement: April 13

How ironic that I open sgi.org only to find this daily encouragement waiting for me to share. Enjoy friends!

Thoreau, a renowned American Renaissance thinker, wrote in his journal: “Nothing must be postponed. Take time by the forelock. Now or never! You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.” We shouldn’t put anything off but seize the moment, living with all our being in the present. If we do that, he says, each moment will become eternity.”
Daisaku Ikeda

daily encouragement

And what better daily encouragement to go with my last post then this:

“When we are aware that each moment of each day, each gesture and step we take, is truly mystical and full of wonder, we will live our lives with greater thought and care. We will also have greater respect and appreciation for the lives of others.”
Daisaku Ikeda


daily encouragement: do something

And a lovely daily encouragement from one wise man that I love to read about, Mr. Ikeda:

“Rather than sitting around idly and rusting, we must act, give of ourselves and contribute something to the world. The French scholar Robert Arnauld (1588-1674) declared, “Have we not all eternity to rest in?” Why do you seek to rest while you are still alive? he asks. These are venerable words indeed. When young people make truly dedicated efforts, almost punishing themselves, their true brilliance will shine forth.”

Daisaku Ikeda

a springtime daily encouragement

How wonderfully appropriate for such a beautiful almost-official spring day!

“There may be times when life seems gloomy and dull. When we feel stuck in some situation or other, when we are negative toward everything, when we feel lost and bewildered, not sure which way to turn–at such times we must transform our passive mind-set and determine, “I will proceed along this path,” “I will pursue my mission today.” When we do so a genuine springtime arrives in our hearts, and flowers start to blossom.”         –Daisaku Ikeda

Happy Day!

daily encouragement

who’s guilty of this too?

“All right, let’s get to work again!–This is the spirit of people of genuine substance. Those who avoid hard work or neglect the things they have to do, who just while away their time, eating, sleeping, playing, watching television–such individuals will never experience true happiness, satisfaction or joy.”     –Daisaku Ikeda

daily encouragement

“A life lived without purpose or value, the kind in which one doesn’t know the reason why one was born, is joyless and lackluster. To just live, eat and die without any real sense of purpose surely represents a life pervaded by the world of Animality. On the other hand, to do, create or contribute something that benefits others, society and ourselves and to dedicate ourselves as long as we live up to that challenge–that is a life of true satisfaction, a life of value. It is a humanistic and lofty way to live.”
Daisaku Ikeda

double dose of daily encouragement

In the mean time, here are two awesome daily encouragements to think about!
Faith and happiness: two things that lie hand in hand, and if we tend to them both, then our lives can be a little more enjoyable. Enjoy!

“When we plant the seed of happiness that is faith and carefully tend its growth, it will produce fruit without fail. We have to bear in mind, however, that we cannot plant a seed today and expect it to bear fruit tomorrow. That’s not reasonable and Buddhism is reason. If we persevere in the practice of “faith equals daily life” in accord with reason, then our prayers will definitely be answered.”

“Faith is light. The hearts of those with strong faith are filled with light. A radiance envelops their lives. People with unshakable conviction in faith enjoy a happiness that is as luminous as the full moon on a dark night, as dazzling as the sun on a clear day.”

Daisaku Ikeda