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hey folks. i’m back.

i know it’s been a long time. a year. more than a year. i know. there’s no need to really linger on what my life has been like since my last post. but i will say this. i have met some pretty incredible people, and have begun to do partake in cool things that are changing the way i look at life and how i see my future. it’s exciting really. i don’t really wanna get into details right now. i’ll start unfolding these thoughts over the next couple of days.

but what i do want to tell you all is about the current journey i just started about a day ago. i am going to india for three months. i left the states october 1, and am currently sitting at the dubai airport waiting to start the final leg of my travelling. i’m exhausted. and i’m not going to lie, i broke down and couldn’t stop crying for about 3 hours because i’m scared. (okay ps there is a baby right now WAILING and the mother is not doing anything about it. what the?!).

i decided i wanted to go to india for an extended period of time around before i graduated college. i mean, i’m taking the year off. i won’t have an opportunity like this again. here are the goals of my journey:

  • to become a yoga fean. i’m taking private classes for the first month, and then when my mom gets to the motherland, we’re both partaking in this 10-day intensive at an ashram. and i don’t mean just for exercise purposes. i mean everything. this yoga experience will seep into every aspect of my life, and bring a consistency to the way i live. we, or maybe just me, compartmentalize our lives. this is me at school, at home, with my family, friends, significant others, work, etc. but i’m never the same me with the same thoughts and same motives in every aspect. this ultimately is hindering me to reach the higher truth. i need to be stable in my personality-intellect, body, mind, and soul. i think yoga will help.
  • to begin to understand sanksrit. and i mean read, comprehend, write, the works. sanskrit was the very first language in the human world. how cool?! and a lot of what we consider ancient languages (greek, latin, etc.) actually derive from sanskrit. another cool thing. if you’ve read my “this is me” page, you know that i read the geeta. well, one of the things i have to do when i read is read a transliteration of the meaning in english. when i do this, the real meaning of the words change. so i’m changing that. and i’m gonna learn sanskrit. a dude on the plane said it’s one of the easiest languages to learn. crossing my fingers it is!
  • travel. i’m an avid traveler. a lot of my friends can attest to that. my belief is that there is just a ridiculous amount of culture out there that every person should to some extent be exposed to. india, has some of the most spiritual and beautiful sights to exist in the world. when my family comes, we will be travelling to south india, as well as some spiritual and holy places. we will also be paying our respects to the one man who is responsible for a majority of what makes me, me by going to his hometown in Roha. i cannot be more excited.

these are only just snippets of my overall goal. my new tagline for my blog is that this site is a compilation of experiences and thoughts i have had on my journey to seek truth. my hopes from this trip is that i leave india, understanding a little bit more of what makes me nishita. spirituality is a key ingredient here. if i can leave india a little bit more spiritual, then i think that my goal will have been accomplished.

i’ll be sure to post pictures of everything, and my notes, and thoughts, and anything else you guys ask for! i hope this journey becomes something more than just for me, but through my experiences, you can understand yourself a little bit more as well.

until next time. peace to all.