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abstract to concrete

The other day while journaling, I reread my New Year’s entry about all of the things I want to accomplish in my life (read my New Year’s post here, and how I’m redirecting my resolutions!). I don’t do this as often as I should. I also tend to forget things easily. What kinds of things? Mostly things I’ve told myself I’d do, but then forget to do them.

So, you can see how this can be a problem while I try to work on myself and my development, and really creating those incredible moments. I need a solution, and quick! 2013 is going by QUICK, and I need to do a better job of implementing all those life changes I want to instill into my everyday routine at a more successful rate.

I think it becomes an issue of taking these abstract concepts–our ideas, thoughts, wishes, etc–and turning them into something concrete. The steps we take are a definite concrete solution, but sometimes it’s the middle step, the step that actually gets us going, that is the hardest to turn into something tangible. I want to go there, but how am I going to get there?

For those of you who don’t know me, I love to craft. My best friend Rucha was in town this past weekend. Whenever we’re together (which isn’t very often might I add), we usually end up putting our creative juices to work and craft. This time, we were on the path to make dry erase calendars. So, we’re toiling away cutting paint chips and scrapbook paper to fit into the frames we bought, when half way through the arranging of cut pieces of paper, we look at each other in semi-annoyance and an exhausted state of mind (it was around 1am at this point, and needless to say neither Rucha nor I are night owls) and say, “how useful is this calendar really going to be?”. We both live out of our planners and iPhone calendars, that we really don’t need one more calendar, that in reality we’ll never really use.

But, we’re not going to just stop and call it quits. What can we turn these faux-whiteboards to? Got it! I am going to turn this into a way for me to write out my goals, accomplishments, and incredible moments. This is going to be my daily motivation to get to work. Because, as I’ve said before, LIFE TAKES WORK. But, when I’m sitting around on the computer all day when I could be doing something productive, I am doing anything but progressing.

I am so excited to start to use my “Goals Board” (sorry for the lame name…couldn’t think of anything else). I think tracking my progress in a way that I can see it everyday, and in concrete form is going to be a great tool to get me going.

There are probably a million ways to do this. Writing on your mirror every morning, keeping a calendar with all of your achievements, heck, there’s probably even an app for that! But, this is your life. We all have to personalize to what’s going to work for us! But, if you’re into pretty scrapbook paper and frames, this would definitely be a fun way to get started! Anyway to get that abstract idea to a concrete solution.

Here are some pictures of my goal board. Rucha did her’s a little bit different and created a weekly board. She made a block for each day where she’s going to do daily goals. Mine is more of a weekly thing, where I have lots of room to brainstorm/write out my ideas.  

Here's the entire board. Places for me to write my goals, accomplishments, and incredible moments of the week, as well as lots of space on the right to write quotes, shlokas, ideas, and anything else to help me out.

Here’s the entire board. Places for me to write my goals, accomplishments, and incredible moments of the week, as well as lots of space on the right to write quotes, shlokas, ideas, and anything else to help me out.

How to: All you need is scrapbook paper from your local arts and crafts store, tape or some sort of adhesive, and a picture frame that you like. Design as you please (mine matches my room)! Be sure to use a dry-erase marker or a vis-a-vis so that you can erase as you please. I think I’ll also be putting the important stuff I learn in my journal, so I can have a permanent reminder of how that week went. What do you guys think?


the best pep talk ever

Woah woah woah! It’s been 11 days since I last posted. Where the heck is time going? Can anyone else believe that the month of February will be over in just a few short 16 days? The year 2013 is seriously under way. How are your resolutions going so far? My list of things I want to accomplish is going okay. There’s always room for improvement, right?

I’m sure all of you have seen this video (the one right underneath this). If not, watch it. Right now.

This cool kid sums up everything in this 3 minute video. All I can think of is dang, I really wish I was that cool when I was his age.

In all seriousness though, this kid probably summed up everything life is about in his pep talk. Life takes effort and hard work. But, that doesn’t have to be boring. Life is fun. Get up and do something, and be awesome.

Everyone can be awesome. Even if you think you’re not awesome, you are. You have it in you. Man, that’s scary stuff. So, quit if you want. But when you quit, you’re giving up on yourself. And when you give up on yourself, you allow others to give up on you.

So, we’re 1.5 months down in the new year. We can think about all the time we wasted these past 43 days. Or, we can think about the time we won’t waste in the next 10.5 months of this year. That’s a whole lot of days to do a whole lot of awesome stuff.

Pull out your resolutions. Revamp, reenergize, renew. Tomorrow is a new day. And we have a lot of life to live still.

What will you create when you make the world awesome?

natural eating

So, if you remember reading my post about my new year thoughts, I talked about how I was going to make a list of everything that I wanted to accomplish in my life, do, travel to, etc. One of those lists consisted of lifestyle changes.

The biggest “lifestyle change” that I want to really dive into, is living as natural and an organic way of life possible. I kind of started this a while ago, but really, thinking back, I didn’t put as much effort as I probably should have. But, that’s what the new year is for! Remember, I am making incredible moments here (or, at least trying my very hardest to!).

Back to the point of living naturally and organically. I really want to eat better. I was talking to a friend, and I told him that instead of completely nixing out every single bad food I enjoy eating from my life, I can make a list of all the “unhealthy” foods, and limit myself to them. If I get a craving, I get a craving. I mean, if you know me, you know that I can’t live without Taco Bell. So, why torture myself with not eating TB? The longer I go without these foods I love so much, the quicker I’m gonna snap and go scarf down as much of the unwanted foods as I can. Remember, distance makes the heart grow fonder. And, not eating yummy unhealthy foods makes you want to eat astronomical quantities of it.

So, why cut them out all together? I made a list. My hope is that I’ll slowly wean myself off, and my cravings will be cut down all together. Is this a definite solution? I can’t tell you for sure. But, I’m gonna try. It’s about the effort.

I really love to eat. People think that just because I’m a vegetarian, I’m really picky with my food. But in reality, I am a HUGE foodie. I love eating and trying new things. I love cooking and baking (ask my roommates from college. I was definitely the mom amongst our friends). My problem is, is that a lot of times when I eat meals, I eat things that don’t fill me up, or they only fill me up for an hour or a little longer. Does this happen to any of you? Okay, so this happens mainly during breakfast time. I even started a habit of kind of having breakfast and lunch together, or just one or the other. Bad habit. I know.

I’ve begun experimenting with different food options, that are healthy, vegetarian, and more filling. And one of the new things I want to do with my blog is share my recipes with you guys! So, here’s my first one.

This is spin off of a bagel sandwich. I love bagels. But I get so full immediately after eating them from all the excess bread. So, when I found that they now make “bagel thins”, I got really pumped. Bought them, tried them, got hungry 30 minutes later. What the heck.

Here’s what I did to make the bagel thins fill me up longer, and get in my extra nutrients for the day.

-1 whole wheat bagel thin (here’s what they look like)
-Cream cheese (I prefer veggie cream cheese, but can’t find it in Memphis, so regular low fat Philadelphia cream cheese works just fine)
-1 slice of provolone cheese
-Vine tomato slices
-Handful of spinach

Toast the bagel with the cream cheese and provolone cheese until the cheese is a little melted. Then just top with the spinach and tomatoes, and you’re good to go!

Of course, you can add any toppings you love. But, make them healthy, filling, and delicious to you!

So there you have it! I hope you guys like this new addition to my blog. If you think it’s a dumb idea, please let me know! Happy day 5!


When I came back from India a week ago, the first thought that came to my mind (besides the wonderful feeling of thinking how soon I’ll be showering in my own shower and sleeping in my own bed) was how my journey is over. It had been a great three months, but now it’s over.

And now, it’s 2013. I didn’t really think of resolutions or things that I wanted to work on. I thought back to the ones I made for 2012, and started thinking about where I fell short and what I could have done better. I went back to thinking about what my resolutions could be for the new year.

We make such a huge hype over the new year. It’s time to start fresh. Make goals that we want to accomplish that year, things we want to change about ourselves, etc. But, why do we limit ourselves to just that one year? Not only that, but then when we miss one day of not working out or waking up early, we sort of just give up. I mean, I do at least. I realized that this way of setting resolutions for that one year, it just doesn’t work for me. I can honestly say that I’ve never, to this day, lived through on any resolutions I’ve ever made in the new year. I even get a second try during the Indian New Year!

So, I thought about what I can do differently this year. If there is one (okay there were a lot, but here’s one that is pertinent to this situation) thing that I learned while I was in India, it was that the world isn’t waiting for you. Incredible moments don’t come to you. You have to create incredible moments for yourself, all the time. I was talking to two of my close friends on January 1, and at that moment I made the decision. I decided that I’m not going to sit around and wait anymore. Life is going by quick, I mean, I’m going to be 23 in May. 23! If I don’t start making my life incredible, it might be too late.

Here’s what I decided: to make a list of every place I want to travel to, every dream I want to accomplish, every lifestyle change I want to make, every relationship I can’t live without, everything. Everything. And every day, I’m going to put some sort of effort into living my life with incredible moments, instead of just waiting for them. The best part about this is, first, these aren’t restricted to just one year. 2013 is going to be a year where I begin to start doing something great for myself. I want to really do things that make me happy. I won’t beat myself up when I don’t do something one day. (I told myself I’ll start doing surya namaskars every day, even if it’s just one or two. Didn’t even start on Jan. 1.) I’m going to create incredible moments for myself. Second, incredible is defined by me. I no longer need an external reference to tell me if I’m progressing or not.

It’s going to take a lot of effort to accomplish the task at hand. But, the beauty of it, it’s not a “mission-accomplished” kind of task. It’s a journey.

So, here I am. It’s January 2, 2013, with a brand new journey at hand. I’m excited for what this year is going to bring. There are lots of new adventures to be had, so here’s to 2013–a year of hope, love, excitement, and many many incredible moments.